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GamingmodzDuring the summer of 2009, around the time of the real estate crisis, the founder Alex Golubev took notice of his little brother/ co founder Daniel Golubev, spray painting and soldering LED’s on Xbox 360 controllers and selling them as a service on EBay.

Not long after Alex took notice the orders began to grow beyond Danny’s control. That’s when Alex stepped in. Shortly after, Gamingmodz was born in January 2010.

Moving forward the company was only a 2 man operation. The focus and passion was to supply and offer Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers that were different and unique from industry standards. Unlike competitors Gamingmodz focus was on cosmetic customization versus internal modz.

As time progressed the demand for custom work grew virally by offering custom graphics and internal modz while competition strictly sold standard controllers with mod chips at double the price.

In April of 2010 Gamingmodz outgrew the current 1000 square foot facility and purchased a 4000 square foot industrial facility. It was at this point that Gamingmodz formed different departments and grew to 15 employees.

In the summer of 2010 the company acquired an additional 2000 square feet which was dedicated solely to our painting department to provide quality painted products. This new department was no ordinary painting facility. It included a state of the art paint booth, a brand new hydro painting bin and a drying oven. This new paint department gave the company the control to produce quality controllers for our worldwide consumer base IN HOUSE. Furthermore, it allowed Gamingmodz to produce more designs, colors and styles which in turn gave our customers a wider variety of modded controllers to choose from.

By 2011 the company had grown tremendously and was now recognized on an international level. By this time the company had approximately 30 employees in 4 different departments. Shortly after, Gamingmodz expanded to an additional 3000 square feet to supply a constantly increasing supply demand.

Approaching the end of the 1st quarter 2011 Gamingmodz was fully operational with now over 40 employees in 5 different departments including, Accounting, Social Media/ Video and Audio Production, Customer Service, Painting, Production and Shipping.

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