Current Events

January 2013 – Move to new location

In January of 2013 we moved our operation to a brand new 23,000 square foot facility, 9 miles north of our old facility in North Miami. This was a huge step for Gamingmodz for the simple fact the new office provides bigger office space that gives the company more of a corporate image and provides more room for growth and development.

The new work space allowed us to add a few new departments to our operation including a brand new show room, a research and development department along with an in house mod chip production department. This move allows us to produce ALL of our parts in house and put an end to third party outsourcing. As a result, we can proudly say that ALL of our parts and components used are MADE IN THE USA.

This also means no more waiting on back ordered parts from third party vendors which, in turn, will result in faster ship times and less wait time for our customers.

We have also started our own in-house chroming initiative with the purchase of a brand new chroming machine. Our new in-house chroming procedure will eliminate all lead components in our products which will result in better performance in our chromed modded controllers.

We have also acquired a line of SMT (surface mount technology) machines with pick and place assembly to manufacture our own circuit board and mod chips in house as well. This step will almost double our production time and again, will benefit our customers by cutting back on assembly and wait times.

Past Events

June 7-9, 2011 - E3 Expo - Los Angeles, CA

In recent years the gaming industry has been growing at an unimaginable rate. The industry is seeding its own markets. GamingModz, a gaming controller customization company, is expanding its horizons by taking itself to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3. E3 is an annual trade show for the computer and video game industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game and hardware developers, like GamingModz, to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware. E3 is widely considered to be the ultimate expo in the video game industry and major video game critics routinely document the event and sometimes even provide a series of E3 awards. Video game companies generally spend more on their presentations for E3 than any other convention. Major video game critics often have a "best of E3" award session (similar to end-of-year award sessions), and only E3 consistently features such awards.

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Since launch, GamingModz has made it very apparent to the industry that their customers always come first. It’s very clear that they are a passionate company; they use imagination and professionalism to maintain a high standard of service. GamingModz brings heaps of innovation and ideas to the industry and really keeps things fresh. Their product line shows how they do, in fact, make a controller really personal with creative designs and high-end build quality. With this, they plan to show off their products as well as wholesale potential to private business owners worldwide.

We will be hosting a booth at E3 showcasing the latest controller designs that we’ll be offering in 2011. We are honored to be part of the most prestigious event in the gaming industry. All of us at GamingModz are excited to talk, shop, and share ideas with Vendors at E3 as well as other members of the gaming community. Stop on by and say hi. See you there!

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