Gamingmodz VS. USB Programmable Controllers

A lot of other sites offer controllers that can be programmed using a PC and a USB cable. While this may SEEM cool at first, once you try using it the problems will start to pile up.

A USB controller requires you to plug it in to change your controller settings. This means, if you need to change your rapid fire or fast reload speed, you have to stop playing, plug your controller in to your computer, and start making changes to it. This can be VERY time consuming and disruptive.

With a Gamingmodz controller, all of your controls are at your fingertips. If you need to change ANYTHING on the controller, you can do it even WHILE playing a game! This means you don't have to stop playing to make critical adjustments on the fly.

With a USB controller, you run the possibility of losing important cables that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. And once it's gone, you will be stuck with the settings your controller had at the time you lost the cable.

You Gamingmodz controller doesn't need ANY extra cables or external pieces. Your controller is ALL you need to get the most from your gaming experience.

A lot of USB programmable controllers require third-party software that is complicated to use and often times full of bugs. Why complicate yourself with extra software?

A Gamingmodz controller doesn't need any extra software to run. Just synch it to your Xbox or Playstation 3 and you are ready to game!

Don't believe the hype. USB programmable is most definitely NOT the way to go. Stick with Gamingmodz!