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XBOX 360 Modded Controllers

New Releases XBOX Modded Controllers
NEW RELEASES Modded Controllers

Black XBOX Modded Controllers
Standard Modded Controllers

Polished and Chrome XBOX Modded Controllers
Polished and Chrome Modded Controllers

Hydro Dipped XBOX Modded Controllers
Hydro Dipped Modded Controllers

Hydro Prime XBOX Modded Controllers
Hydro Prime Modded Controllers

Premium XBOX Modded Controllers
Premium Modded Controllers

Supreme XBOX Modded Controllers
Supreme Modded Controllers

Extreme Edition XBOX Modded Controllers
Extreme Edition Modded Controllers

Sports Edition XBOX Modded Controllers
Sports Edition Modded Controllers

Create Your Own XBOX Modded Controller
Create Your Own Modded Controller



Cronus Converter
Cronus Adapter

Cronus X
Cronus X

Gamingmodz offers the best xbox controller mods for modern warfare 3 mw3 modded controllers along with other xbox 360 products & accessories. We are here to offer you the best custom controller service and mod accessories on the web.

All of our rapid fire controllers can be completely customizable with exclusive add-on options including Ring of light mods, illuminating thumbsticks, custom thumbsticks, Dominator grip thumbstick covers, drop shot, Jitter mode (auto burst) mod, and much more.

After you select your controller you will be able to choose from our exclusive add-on mod options including drop shot, fast reload, side shot, accelerometer aim assist, burst fire, akimbo, and more!


playstation 3 Rapid Fire Modded Controllers

Standard PS3 Modded Controllers
Standard Modded Controllers

Polished and Chrome PS3 Modded Controllers
Polished and Chrome Modded Controllers

Hydro Dipped PS3 Controllers
Hydro Dipped Controllers

Hydro Prime PS3 Controllers
Hydro Prime Controllers

Premium Edition PS3 Controllers
Premium Edition Controllers

Supreme Edition PS3 Controllers
Supreme Edition Controllers

Extreme Edition PS3 Controllers
Extreme Edition Controllers

Sports Edition PS3 Controllers
Sports Edition Controllers

Customize a PS3 Controller
Customize a Controller


Playstation 3 Accessories

PS3 Accessories
Playstation 3 Accessories


Our custom PS3 controllers offer the latest in rapid fire modding technology. You can select from a wide range of available PS3 controller designs including polished, hydro painted, carbon fiber, camouflage, illuminating, and many more!

You can add any of our custom options to your controller when you purchase. Options include custom PS3 thumbsticks, player 1-4 LEDs, illuminating buttons, illuminating thumbsticks, and custom trigger sets.

We offer a full selection of exclusive mods that will add functionality to your controller keeping you one step ahead of the game. Choose from any mods including drop shot, fast reload, accelerometer aim assist, auto burst, jitter, and more.


Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX-21
Ear Force PX-21

Turtle Beach Ear Force X-11
Ear Force X-11

Turtle Beach Ear Force X-31
Ear Force X-31

Turtle Beach Ear Force X-41
Ear Force X-41

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z1
Ear Force Z-1

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z-2
Ear Force Z-2

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX-5
Ear Force PX-5

Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX-21
Ear Force DPX-21

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12
Ear Force X12





Tritton Gaming Headphones

Tritton AX 180
AX 180





Mail-In Painting Service

Hydro Painted Headphones
Mail-In Hydro Painting Service




Our gaming headphones are perfect for those long sessions. They feature built in microphones and are available for a wide array of platforms including PS3, XBOX, and PC. We offer brands including Turtle Beach and Tritton.