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Click below for info and instructions about each rapid fire chip we offer:

10 Mode Xbox 360 Modded Controller Multi Class Action Xbox 360 Modded Controller Titan Pro Xbox 360 Modded Controller Godfather Xbox 360 Modded Controller
10 Mode Playstation 3 Modded Controller Multi Class Action Playstation 3 Modded Controller Cronus Playstation 3 Modded Controller  

How do I place my order with Gamingmodz?

What are exclusive add-ons and what do they do?

Exclusive add-ons allow you to take full advantage of your rapid fire chip with functionality beyond simple rapid fire. This includes things like automatic zoom and taking a shot, crouching to prone and firing automatically, and many others. See the descriptions below for information about each of our exclusive add-on mods.

Exclusive Xbox Add ON Options:

  • Jitter Mod (Auto Burst) - All semi automatic weapons become fully automatic when using the Jitter mod pack. For more information, click the video tab.

  • Drop Shot Mod (COD games only) - One click of the button, your player drops to the floor and rapid fires against the opponent. The opponent has no time to react compared to your record speed which we modify for your convenience to do the drop shot.

  • Fast Reload Mod (COD games Only) - Reloads your weapon within a second, giving you the time to fire back at your opponent before getting killed.

  • Active Reload Mod - Allows you to reload on point without missing the reload line.

  • Sniper Breath Mod (COD games Only) - Sniper and hold your breath without having to hold down the breath button.

  • Burst Mod - Turns any single fire weapon into a burst weapon.

  • Super Aim Mod Pack (COD games Only) - Automatically lock on to your target in campaign, zombie arcade, and multi-player online modes. Zoom in and take a shot instantly with one button press. Fire both dual-wield weapons with one button press.

  • Quick Scope (COD) - Zoom and instantly take a shot.

  • Jump Shot (COD) - Jump up and immediately take a shot.

  • Akimbo - When the mod's Akimbo Firing feature is turned on, the player only needs to pull the right trigger to fire both the left and right pistols simultaneously.

  • Auto Spot (Battlefield and Gears of War) - Enemies will now be automatically marked just by pressing the aiming button.

  • Auto Sprint (Battlefield and COD) - With the auto-sprint feature of the mod is activated, the player only needs to pull on the left-trigger to initiate sprinting.

  • Dual Trigger Rapid Fire - Add rapid fire to both weapons when dual wielding.

  • Multiple Button Layouts (COD) - Now your exclusive add-ons work with any button layout you prefer in all COD games.

  • Turbo Melee (COD) - When the mod's Turbo Knife mode is enabled, the wait time between knife attacks is greatly reduced, allowing the combatant to destory multiple opponents quickly with rapid knife attacks.

  • Sniper Breath (COD) - The mod will automatically steady the sniper's aim any time the player presses his aim button.

  • Zombie Auto Aim (COD WAW and Black Ops) - In zombie mode, just aim anywhere near the Zombie and pull the left trigger - the gun will lock on target automatically.

  • Master Mod - Include all of our multi class action mod add-on mod packs on your Xbox 360 modded controller for a fraction of the price (available with all of our rapid fire options).

All of the above modification options are available to you from GamingModz all on one controller! Additional Add-Ons are also available which you can choose when you are customizing your controller on any page.

Exclusive Playstation 3 Add On Options:

  • Jitter Mode (Auto Burst) - All semi automatic weapons become fully automatic when using the Jitter mode. For more information, click the video tab.

  • Drop Shot Mod (COD games only) - With one click of a button, your player drops to the floor and rapid fires against the opponent. The opponent has no time to react compared to your record speed which we modify for your convenience to do the drop shot.

  • Fast Reload (COD games only) - Reloads your weapon within a second, giving you the time to fire back at your opponent before getting killed.

  • Sniper Breath Mod - Once the LT is pressed, you no longer have to hold the left thumbstick down. It will automatically lock on the target without any movement of the breath.

  • Round Auto Burst - Allows you to select how many bullets your weapon of choice should shoot. Ex. 3 Round Bursts, 4 Round Burst, 5 Round Burst like the M16.

  • Zombie Mode - Auto aim in zombie arcade mode

  • Akimbo Mode - Allows you to shoot dual weapons with a press of the RT only.

  • Quick Scope (COD games Only) - Zoom and take a shot with one button.

All of the above exclusive mods are interactive and can work together simultaneously giving you the ultimate advantage against your opponent. This is the latest release by our company for PS3 gamers worldwide.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
10:00am - 6:00pm EST

If you call and no one answers, please leave a message and someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions. Also, you can email us at for any concerns. We value all your business and will treat you with the highest level of customer service.


Shipping Information

What is delivery confirmation and do you use it?

Delivery confirmation is a service that requires you to sign for all items received via mail. It is NOT REQUIRED but is available for all controllers for an additional fee. This means you will need to sign for your package in order to receive it.


We offer an expedited assembly service which can be added to all controller orders. This service means your order will be assembled within 24 hours of placing your order.

Our primary shipping method is USPS. Once an order is placed, you will receive a tracking number from PayPal confirming it has been shipped.

We offer shipping insurance on all of our controllers for an additional fee. If your package is lost in transit, shipping insurance will guarantee your item will be replaced or the money refunded to you. Without shipping insurance, any package that is lost while in transit will NOT be replaced by GamingModz.


Information about our Xbox-to-PC Controller Converter

When you purchase our Xbox-to-PC controller add-on option you will receive a wireless USB adapter for your PC which you will use to synch your controller. This options is ONLY available for PCs running Windows. Not compatible with OSX or Linux.

We will provide you with an initial set-up guide that will walk you through the process of setting up your PC to work with your Xbox controller. Please note that this option does require some software setup knowledge as well as a third-party application called Pinnacle Game Profiler (available for purchase at their website). This software has a 30-day trial period when you download it or can be purchased. Once the trial period is over you will need to purchase a full license if you wish to continue using the software. does NOT provide support for this add-on. The only instruction we provide is via the directions that are sent when you purchase the adapter. When you purchase this add-on you are simply purchasing the wireless adapter that allows you to synch your Xbox controller to your PC. The directions we provide are merely a SUGGESTION based on what worked for us. Customer support will NOT answer questions regarding this add-on. Please refer to Pinnacle's website, Google, gaming forums, or any other search option if you have questions about using this add-on.

Instructions for Mail-In Mod Service

1. Print a copy of your payment confirmation.

2. Mail your controller (PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS A CG2 CONTROLLER IF IT IS FOR XBOX) along with a copy of your payment confirmation to the following address:

2201 Stirling Rd
Dania, FL 33312

3. Once your package is received you will be sent an email from our service department confirming the package was received. Please allow up to 72 hours for your order to be processed AFTER it has been received.

4. Once a tracking number is generated you will be sent an email with the tracking information.

Instructions for Playstation 3 Chip Installation

How to Claim Your Black Friday Special Gift Card

Gamingmodz is offering a special on all purchases made during the holiday season. The offer applies to all purchases over $300. All transactions totalling $300 or more will be eligible for a $75 Gamingmodz gift card that can be sent electronically or via standard mail. In order to claim the gift card, when checking out via PayPal, specify in the comments section if you wish to receive the gift card electronically or via mail. If you choose to receive it electronically you will receive a gift card number to the email address on file with PayPal. If you wish to receive the gift card via regular mail you will receive a branded Gamingmodz gift card via standard mail at the address on file with PayPal. Gift cards can be redeemed with purchases made via phone ONLY. Gift cards can not be used for purchases made online. At the time of purchase, the repesentative that assists you will take the gift card number from you and the discount will be applied to that purchase. Gift Cards are only valid for use on controllers; does not include accessories, headphones, or other products we offer.


Are modded controllers legal?
What kind of controllers do you use?
What games are compatible with GamingModz modded controllers?
Are your controllers detectable?
Can I synch my controller with multiple consoles?
What warranty do you offer?
How do I contact you if I have any questions?

Questions About Your Controller

How do I turn off the illuminating buttons on my controller?
Why doesn't my headset work with my modded controller?
Where can I get instructions for using my controller?
What guarantees do you offer on the controllers?

Questions About Ordering

Do you ship outside the USA?
How soon will i receive my product?
Why should I order from Gamingmodz instead of another company?

placing an order from outside of the united states?

If you are interested in placing an order with us and you live outside of USA, dont worry. We will insure all products will be delivered to you and all duties tax obligation will be covered by GamingModz Inc.

It can be unpredictable dealing with custom patrol and sometimes products are lost or you get charged additional fees. Our shipping department has extensive experience with International Deliveries, and we guarantee there will be no risk to you as the buyer.