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Controller Physical Damage Insurance Terms and Conditions

Gamingmodz is happy to announce our controller insurance program. This program allows you to purchase damage insurance for a controller purchased from This will ensure that your investment is protected from future damage, regardless of the cause. This insurance ONLY applies to controllers. It does NOT apply to accessories, headphones, or other products sold at Please read below for additional terms and conditions.

  • All pricing on controller insurance plans are tiered and based on a one-year rolling 12-month period. Pricing is determined when the controller order is being placed. This means that after one year, the insurance will no longer be valid unless a renewal policy is purchased.
  • The minimum coverage amount we offer is $150. This means that any controllers valued under $150 can not be covered by our controller insurance policy. The order page will NOT let you purchase the controller insurance if the total of the controller is under $150. If you manipulate the shopping cart in any way to allow you to purchase the controller insurance WITHOUT meeting the minimum value requirement, your insurance purchase will not be honored.
  • The claim process is as follows:
    • All claims MUST be filed via phone with one of our customer service representatives. We will not file claims via live chat or email.
    • All claims require a 50% deductible based on the final purchase price of the controller (controller price does not include the cost of the insurance plan). The deductible is to be paid when you call in to file your claim. The representative helping you will take the payment over the phone. At that time the representative will also generate a return shipping label (domestic shipping customers ONLY) that can be sent to you via email, printed at your convenience, and attached to the box that the controller will be shipped in.
    • The 50% deductible can be applied to the same controller that was originally ordered or to another controller of equal value within $10 (+/- $10 of the value of the original purchase). Your insurance policy will still apply to the new controller.
    • The original damaged controller MUST be returned to us, regardless of condition. If the controller is not returned to us, we can not honor the claim. The controller insurance program is for damage protection ONLY. It does not cover loss or theft.
  • When the insurance policy is scheduled to expire, you will receive an email notification advising you of the potential expiry. If you do not contact Gamingmodz via one of our contact channels, your controller insurance policy will expire and coverage will no longer be provided for your controller.
  • The controller insurance policy can be purchased at the time you purchase your controller or within 7 days of controller purchase via phone ONLY. After 7 days you are no longer eligible to purchase controller insurance for your previous order.
  • Domestic customers will receive FREE SHIPPING when sending your controller to us and when receiving your new controller after the claim process has been completed. International customers are responsible for shipping costs both ways (to and from Gamingmodz).
  • This policy is NON TRANSFERRABLE. This means it will only be honored for the original owner of a Gamingmodz controller. If ownership is transferred to another individual, the controller insurance policy will be null and void.
  • If upon filing a claim with us, we have updated the technology we use on our controllers, the components and technology on your new controller will be upgraded as well.
  • If you file a claim with us and wish to receive a controller that is MORE expensive than the one you originally purchased, you can pay the deductible plus the difference between the new controller price and the old controller price. Your insurance policy will still apply to the new controller but only for the original controller price. If you wish to upgrade your insurance policy to cover the price of the new controller, you have the option to pay the premium difference to the higher tier policy premium. This will not RENEW your policy but it WILL cover the new controller price for the remainder of the policy period.