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Reasons to choose the Cronus Ex Modded Controller

  • No installation necessary!
  • External USB dongle that connects directly to your PS3
  • Over 12 million possible mod combinations
  • 100% undetectable
  • Assign up to 12 mods at one time!

CronusX Manual

This manual describes the main aspects of the CronusX device as well as the procedures for operation and customization. Available mods are listed along with their applicable modes. Click one of the links below to jump to a specific section. Check back for updates.

  1. CronusX Features
  2. Instructional Videos
  3. CronusX Instructions
  4. CronusX Menu System
  5. CronusX Available Mods

CronusX Features

  • Wireless state of the art modification technology
  • Millions of mod configurations. No limit to the number of mods and combinations!
  • Worldwide patent pending
  • No chips, wires, or other hardware installation required
  • Chance for repait: .0001%
  • Does NOT void manufacturer warranty
  • All of the possible mods on the market available along with unlimited updates
  • User-friendly menu system using controller player LEDs (no additions)
  • Compatible with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems
  • Support for all console games (i.e. COD series, Battlefield Series, Mortal Kombat, Madden, FIFA, GTA, Tiger Woods, racing games, and many more!)
  • Complete button layout configuration
  • Cross-over for multi platform compatibility (i.e. Playstation 3 controller on Xbox 360)
  • No lag time (tested to 1.2 milliseconds)
  • Software modification support. Available library system to upload and download mods
  • Live forum and chat support
  • All devices are serialized and carry the highest level of bulletproof security
  • Universal device
  • Completely 100% undetectable
  • Stores memory for up to 9 of your favorite games. Button on device allows you to switch between game slots

Instructional Videos

CronusX Instructions

The Call of Duty mod pack for CronusX has 53 distinct mods grouped into 12 classes. You can choose and combine one mod from each class for a total of 12 active mods at the SAME TIME. This means you can make combinations such a burst fire added to rapidfire resulting in an exclusive "automatic burstfire" mode. This mode can be optimized by adjusting the number of bullets fired per burst as well as the time between bursts. For additional optimization, you can add the "scope enable" mod which will allow your "automatic burstfire" to be activated only when the ADS scope is in use.

The mod pack allows you to make up to 11,430,720 distinct combinations of mods.

Combination examples include (but are not limited to):

Sniper Optimized
Plus Dual Easy
Dual Easy: Scope Disable
Plus Hold Breath
Sniper Hold Breath: Fully Auto
Plus Scope Modes
Quick Scope
Plus Drop Shot
Drop Shot: Press Sensitivity
Plus Easy Sprint
Easy Sprint: Press Sensitivity
Plus Turbo Melee
Turbo Melee
Assault Optimized
Burst Fire: 3 Rounds
Plus Rapid Fire
Adjustable Rapidfire
Plus Scope Disable
Scope Disable
Plus Drop Shot
Drop Shot: Press Sensitivity
Plus Easy Sprint
Easy Sprint: Press Sensitivity
Plus Turbo Melee
Turbo Melee
BO: Shotgun Optimized
Jitter EX
Plus Scope Disable
Scope Disable
Plus Drop Shot
Drop Shot: Press Sensitivity
Plus Easy Sprint
Easy Sprint: Press Sensitivity
Plus Turbo Melee
Turbo Melee
Zombie Gameplay
Pulse Rapid Fire
Plus Auto Aim
Auto Aim
Plus Fast Reload
Fast Reload
Plus Easy Sprint
Easy Sprint: Press Sensitivity
Plus Turbo Melee
Turbo Melee
PLEASE NOTE: These are only examples. You do NOT have to use the combinations in this manner. You can experiment and use whatever combinations suit your playing style best. The possibilities are endless. And with the exclusive "press sensitivity" feature, you can assign two different mods to one single button for combinations like:
Rapid Fire
Plus Drop Shot
Drop Shot: Press Sensitivity
With this combination, you can activate rapid fire by partially pressing the fire button and drop shot by fully pressing the fire button.

Additional combination examples include:
Quick Scope
Quick Scope
Plus Hold Breath
Sniper Hold Breath: Press Sensitivity
Sniper Hold Breath
Sniper Hold Breath
Plus Fire Modes
Dual Easy: Press Sensitivity
Plus Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire

CronusX Menu System

Quick Enable/Disable Mods: StartPlusCrossSystem

Enter into menu mode: Hold SelectPlusStart for two seconds IMPORTANT: Keep the select/back button pressed while in Menu mode. To exit the menu mode, release the select/back button. Player LED 4 will blink the current mod
Player LED 3 will blink the current mod setup
If the Player LED 3 is not blinking, the current mod is disabled
Navigate between mods: Squaregoes UP   Crossgoes DOWN
Navigate between mod setups: Squaregoes UP   Crossgoes DOWN
Adjustable mods (rapid fire, quick scope, and fast reload): L1increases rate of fire or timing   R1decreases rate of fire or timing   R2test current rate of fire or timing
CronusX Available Mods

Rapid Fire

1. Rapid Fire

When rapid fire is enabled, you can turn virtually any semi-automatic weapon into a fully-automatic weapon. This creates a very unique advantage for players using semi-automatic weapons in CoD games. While rapid fire will not usually make a fully-automatic gun shoot any faster, it can have positive side effects on fully-automatic guns such as eliminating recoil, helping players conserve ammunition on fully automatic guns, and achieve more headshots.

Mod Options

  • 1. Optimized Rapid Fire
  • 2. Adjustable Rapid Fire
  • 3. Adjustable Pulse Rapid Fire
  • 4. Jitter - Traditional
  • 5. Jitter - Black Ops

Optimized Rapid Fire

This rapid fire is optimized to be as fast as possible but at the same time ensure that every single shot will be correctly registered by the game.

Adjustable Rapid Fire

With adjustable rapid fire you can always get the optimum firepower for your favorite weapon. See the menu system instructions above for more information on how to adjust your rapid fire speed in this mode.

Adjustable Pulse Rapid Fire

Pule rapid fire can reach a faster rate of fire with burst type weapons (i.e. M16)


Jitter mode allows user to shoot single/burst fire weapons as fully automatic for ultimate firepower. When using any burst weapon, activating jitter mode decreases the time between bursts, making guns shoot faster. Jitter mode is effective at close range but might reduce its accuracy at long range. Jitter no longer works as of Modern Warfare 3 but still works in all pervious versions of CoD.

Jitter Black Ops

Jitter Black Ops is very similar to the original jitter but uses a special button combination to work with some patched guns such as the shotgun in Black Ops.

Rapid Fire

2. Burst Fire

Burst firing is designed to turn semi-automatic and automatic weapons into burst firing weapons. When this feature is enabled, your weapon will fire in bursts similar to the M16 and can be used with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 round bursts. Burst firing can help reduce recoil and conserve ammunition. Combining burst fire with adjustable rapid fire will give you automatic burst fire. This will allow you to select how many rounds are fired per burst and the amount of time between bursts for a truly customizable experience.

Mod Options

  • 1. 1 round per burst
  • 2. 2 rounds per burst
  • 3. 3 rounds per burst
  • 4. 4 rounds per burst
  • 5. 5 rounds per burst
  • 6. 6 rounds per burst
Rapid Fire

3. Fire Modes

Fire modes determines an assist action to be used together with rapid fire and/or burst fire. These are normally applied to the triggers.

Mod Options

  • 1. Scope Disable
  • 2. Scope Enable
  • 3. Press Sensitivity
  • 4. Dual Independent
  • 5. Dual Easy
  • 6. Dual Easy - Scope Disable
  • 7. Dual Easy - Press Sensitivity

Scope Disable

The scope (ADS) disables rapid fire and burst fire.

Scope Enable

The scope (ADS) enables rapid fire and bust fire.

Press Sensitivity

Rapid fire and burst fire will only be activated by fully pressing the fire button.

Dual Independent

Independent rapid fire, burst fire, and jitter on the left and right dual wield weapons. Dual independent is very similar to Akimbo except it lets you select whether to fire the left weapon, right weapon, or both at the same time.

Dual Easy

In Call of Duty, the soldier can arm himself with pistols in both hands in Akimbo mode. Firing both pistols means that the player must awkwardly pull both the left and right triggers. This can make aiming more difficult. When the Dual Easy feature is turned on, pulling the right trigger alone will fire both pistols using rapid fire, burst fire, or Jitter.

Dual Easy: Scope Disable

The scope (ADS) disables Dual Easy.

Dual Easy: Press Sensitivity

Dual Easy will only be activated by fully pressing the fire button.

Rapid Fire

4. Shot Modes

Assign an action to be performed automatically when you press the fire button.

Mod Options

  • 1. Drop Shot: Scope Disable
  • 2. Drop Shot: Press Sensitivity
  • 3. Jump Shot: Scope Disable
  • 4. Jump Shot: Press Sensitivity
  • 5. Side Shot: Scope Disable
  • 6. Side Shot: Press Sensitivity

Drop Shot: Scope Disable

When you pull the fire button, your character will drop to prone position and begin firing. This is useful for players that like to maintain stealth and reduce their target profile. This also assists in increasing accuracy in combat. This action is not performed if the scope (ADS) is in use.

Drop Shot: Press Sensitivity

This performs the same action as drop shot but is only activated when you FULLY press the fire button.

Jump Shot: Scope Disable

When you press the fire button your character will immediately jump and begin firing. This action is not performed if the scope (ADS) is in use.

Jump Shot: Press Sensitivity

Performs the same action as jump shot but is only activated when you FULLY press the fire button.

Side Shot: Scope Disable

When you press the fire button, your character will begin to make side movements and begin firing, confusing the enemy in the process. This action is not performed if the scope (ADS) is in use.

Side Shot: Press Sensitivity

Performs the same action as side shot but is only activated when you FULLY press the fire button.

Rapid Fire

5. Scope Modes

Scope modes are mods that are associated with using the scope (ADS).

Mod Options

  • 1. Quick Scope (Adjustable)
  • 2. Auto Aim (Zombie)

Quick Scope (Adjustable)

Quick scope is widely used in Call of Duty games. The idea behind quick scope is to use a sniper rifle, scope IN and fire the shot as the gun scopes in. Perfecting the aiming and timing will allow you to become a one-man commando with your sniper rifle. To fire a quick scope shot, TAP your scope button. The mod will automatically scope in, take a shot, and scope out.

Auto Aim (Zombie)

Auto Aim Zombie Mode is specially designed for the Call of Duty series Zombie Arcade mode and Modern Warfare 2 and 3 in campaign mode. Auto Aim allow you to auto-aim to the nearest zombie's head while scoping your rifle. Any time you pull the left trigger to aim it will lock to the nearest zombie's head.

Rapid Fire

6. Hold Breath

This mode is specially designed for sniper rifles in Call of Duty. It automatically holds the sniper's breath when scoping in. Upon activation. the mode will hodl the sniper's breath shwne scoping. The player no longer has to push the left thumbstick to hold breath. NOTE: Hold breath mod CAN be used with easy sprint and/or quick scope mods simultaneously.

Mod Options

  • 1. Fully Auto
  • 2. Press Sensitivity

Fully Auto

Hold breath at the same time you press the scope (ADS) button.

Press Sensitivity

Hold breath is only active if the scope (ADS) button is FULLY pressed.

Rapid Fire

7. Fast Reload

Fast Reload is a mode enabling a player to reload a weapon fast than normal. Fast reload is most effective in Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3. It is not as effective in Black Ops because Black Ops uses a different graphics engine that is not susceptible to the same fast reload glitch. NOTE: Fast reload does NOT work on some shotguns or sniper rifles. Fast reload only works on guns that have a magazine or clip. It will not work on weapons that load rounds one at a time. There are several factors that affect fast reload including the perks you select. Perks such as Sleight of Hand will actually change the fast reload timing. Different weapons also have different fast reload settings.

Mod Options

  • 1. Traditional Fast Reload (Adjustable)
  • 2. MW3 Adjustable Semtex Fast Reload
  • 3. MW3 Adjustable Trophy Glitch Fast Reload

Traditional Fast Reload (Adjustable)

Works with all COD games except Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 Adjustable Semtex Fast Reload

Works with Modern Warfare 3. You must be holding a Semtex grenade for this fast reload mode to work.

MW3 Adjustable Trophy Glitch Fast Reload

Works with Modern Warfare 3. You must be holding a Trophy System for this fast reload mode to work.

Rapid Fire

8. Easy Sprint

If you are tired of constantly pressing the left thumbstick to make your character sprint, Easy Sprint is just what you have been looking for. NOTE: Easy Sprint mode CAN be used with Sniper Breath and Quick Scope simultaneously.

Mod Options

  • 1. Fully Auto
  • 2. Press Sensitivity

Fully Auto

Your character will sprint at the same time you begin to move him forward.

Press Sensitivity

Your character will sprint if the thumbstick is FULL pressed forward. The character will walk regular speed if the thumbstick is only slightly pressed forward.

Rapid Fire

9. Turbo Melee

Turbo Melee significantly decreases the time the character has to wait between knife attacks in Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3. It can also be used to decrease the wait time between Riot Shield melee attacks. Once you have activated Turbo Melee, all you ned to do to perform a melee attack is press your melee attack button. Get ready for knife kill sprees and easier kills with your riot shield!

Mod Options

  • 1. MW2 Turbo Knife
  • 2. MW3 Turbo Knife
  • 3. MW3 Turb Riot Shield

MW2 Turbo Knife

Turbo Knife for Modern Warfare 2.

MW3 Turbo Knife

Works with or without quick draw pro perk enabled. Modern Warfare 3 Turbo Riot Shield works with melee proficiency enabled.

MW3 Turbo Riot Shield

MW3 Turbo Riot Shield works without melee proficiency enabled.

Rapid Fire

10. Button Layouts

Most users play their favorite COD games using the default button layout but a lot of players do use optional button layout and switch their thumbstick positions. With the Button Layouts mod you can make any of the modes on the CronusX work with your favorite button layout.

Mod Options

  • 1. Tactical
  • 2. Left
  • 3. Nom4d
  • 4. Nom4d Tactical
  • 5. Flip Default
  • 6. Flip Tactical
  • 7. Flip Lefty
  • 8. Flip Nom4d
  • 9. Flip Nom4d Tactical
Rapid Fire

11. Button Swap

This unique feature allows you to setup special remapping to best adjust the controller to your personal taste

Mod Options

  • 1. Bumpers -> Triggers
  • 2. Analogs
  • 3. Bumpers -> Trigger + Analogs

Bumpers -> Triggers

Swap the bumper and triggers to convert your controller to Xbox 360 style or vice versa.


Swap the analog thumbsticks. For left handed gamers.

Bumpers -> Triggers + Analogs

Combines both swaps above.

Rapid Fire

12. Accelerometer Aim Assist

With accelerometer aim assist, you can use the Six Axis PS3 controller to aim while scoping. This means you can move the controller to adjust the target position when scoped in. This mod will not affect aiming with the right stick. It will only add an additional option to aim with. Each of the modes will add sensitivity with mode 1 being the least sensitive and mode 5 being the most sensitive.

Mod Options

  • 1. Sensitivity 1
  • 2. Sensitivity 2
  • 3. Sensitivity 3
  • 4. Sensitivity 4
  • 5. Sensitivity 5