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Reasons to choose the Godfather Modded Controller

  • The unique category menu system lets you know which category you are in and which mod is active based on the color or the LEDs
  • This is a complete sleeper mod meaning it is 100% stealth. Friends will not know you have a mod. 100% undetectable.
  • All of the mods are completely adjustable. This means you can adjust your favorite exclusive mod to your liking
  • Up to 53 exclusive mod modes

PLEASE NOTE: Zombie auto aim is NOT compatible with Black Ops 2.

How to use your Godfather Xbox 360 Modded Controller


How to active the lights on your Godfather Chip with 7 Illuminating Modes

To activate the lights on your Godfather controller, press the synch button twice. The lights on the chip will illuminate. To switch modes, tap the synch button once. You can cycle thru all 7 modes. To deactivate the lights, press the synch button twice.

Click here to view Rapid Fire Settings

Click here to view Fast Reload Speed Settings

Adjusting the Power Pack Mods

Once you activate your Mod, hold the tact switch until player 2 LED light flashes red. When player 2 LED is red and player 3 & 4 LED is off, you are in the adjust mode.

Please note: Player LED 3 represents the tens place and Player LED 4 represents the ones place. For example, if you want to adjust it to 15 , Player LED 4 will blink 1 time and Player LED 3 will blink 5 times.

To increase , press the right trigger. To decrease, press the left trigger.

Press the tack switch again to save your setting.

Please note: Each power pack has several modes.

To cycle thru the modes, hold the function key and the tac switch. Count the number of times player 4 blinks.

The number of times player 4 blinks represent what mode you are in.

Instructional Videos