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How We CRUSH the Competition

Gamingmodz.com is, by far, the most advanced, most organized modded controller company IN THE INDUSTRY. We know this because we know the competition and they don't even come CLOSE. We also know you have hundreds of modded controller choices out there. But having so many choices isn't always a good thing, especially when certain products and services are not up to the standards of Gamingmodz. Here is how and why we CRUSH our competitors in a heads-up comparison:

Full Staff of Dedicated Technicians, Customer Service Reps, and Warehouse Employees.

A lot of modded controller companies literally work OUT OF THEIR BASEMENTS AND GARAGES. This means your controllers are being made in environments that are not necessarily intended for the process and equipment needed to make the BEST modded controllers on the market. At Gamingmodz, we utilize a 23,000 square foot industrial warehouse that houses over 40 employees who make sure YOUR controllers are made to the standards that you expect from a top notch company like Gamingmodz.

In-house controller production techniques

While a lot of other modded controller companies buy many of their controller shells from third parties, ALL of our Gamingmodz controller shells are made IN-HOUSE. Our dedicated artists and technicians produce the best custom modded controllers on the market right in our own warehouse. This means that your custom modded controller order is manufactured in the USA.

Quality control

We utilize an 8,000 square foot painting facility where our controller shells are Chromed, Hydro Dipped and Painted to perfection. Because our production staff is in-house, you can be sure that your modded controller goes through a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure it is made to the highest standards. Our quality control team makes sure your modded controller is in perfect working order when it leaves our facility so that it arrives to you READY TO GO!

Checkout our OUTSTANDING reviews on TrustPilot! TrustPilot

Painting Department

Gamingmodz has shifted and implemented a new era strategy by expanding our paint department and implementing our brand new state of the art custom, Honey Brand Paint. The definition and makeup of Honey Brand Paint are simply the best, hands down. This new paint is not ordinary paint. It is not spray paint and cannot be purchased over the counter. Honey Brand Paint is a unique, translucent formula that allows the bright surface of the candy base coat to shine through with eye-catching brilliance and depth. We stepped outside the box and decided to create our own brand of paint so that controllers bought today have the same finishes and surfaces as those found on six figure vehicles like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and all other top of the line finishes.

The process of candy painting modded controllers is very tedious and requires a perfectly clean painting environment as well as perfect room temperatures and appropriate solutions. It also requires extreme attention to small detail and is very labor intensive and needs a skilled painter to get a consistent color, as any variation in the thickness of the candy paint will appear as streaks or dark/light patches in the final finish. Due to this, candy paint is usually very expensive. The cost of these new paint solutions, fixtures, and shades can cost anywhere from $150 - $250 a pint. Our investments into new ideas and innovations are costly but by being passionate about these new ideas and the work we do, we don’t mind investing. Therefore, when we advertise a certain selling price it’s not because we’re hungry; it’s mainly to cover the cost of materials and production.

Gamingmodz will now apply this new painting technology to future manufacturing and production of shells and finishes. Quality, detail, and most important, a candy look are our main focus. Our goal is to deliver a product that no one can match, copy or recreate. By browsing through some of our new pictures and videos you can clearly see the difference from what we’ve sold in the past, what the competition is selling, and what we have now. Let 2011 and ’12 serve as examples of where innovation has taken us today and let 2013 serve as an amazing turning point for Gamingmodz Inc that will carry us into the future.

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Gamingmodz Gamingmodz Gamingmodz Gamingmodz
Gamingmodz Gamingmodz Gamingmodz Gamingmodz

At GamingModz, we are often asked by prospective customers: “Why is your controller better than the competition?”  So in response to that question, we have put together this page to give you a better understanding of GamingModz and our products.

First, it is important to keep in mind that when purchasing a modded controller, your attention should be focused on quality and not the price of the product. There are plenty of controller modding websites that offer controllers for prices as low as $50.00 - $60.00.

All of our controllers start with an authentic, original, and BRAND NEW Microsoft® or Sony® controller. None of the controllers we produce use refurbished or used parts. Many modding companies attempt to cut corners by using controller bases that have been refurbished or used. We believe it is important to the integrity of our product that we use only the best base controllers available on the market in the most optimal condition. This is only possible using brand new, factory controllers.

All of our custom controller components are built in-house. This means our hydro dipped shells, stealth buttons, and even our rapid fire chips are produced directly by GamingModz. This helps to ensure our components are of the highest quality.

If you are looking to get something other than a standard white Xbox 360 controller, we offer different shell colors that can be chosen when you design your controller. Keep in mind they all have the same functionality, the only difference is the appearance.

For Example, our silk controllers offer a smooth rubber surface and are extremely comfortable to grip while playing. We also offer the option to add an illuminating Xbox guide button as well as LEDs in the buttons. These can be customized at checkout. The extra cost associated with these features are not profit, but for parts and labor only.

We strive to deliver the most competitive prices while maintaining our product’s quality.

As a wise consumer, please make sure you are buying quality products from a trusted company, and don’t look to save $20.00, which may cost you double in the future. Here at GamingModz, we believe that the old saying is true, “The right tool for the right job.”

GamingModz.com also offers a 60 day sellers warranty and an optional additional 10 month warranty in the USA backed by PayPal. This warranty shows that we stand confidently behind our product. Please take these reasons into consideration when you look at our competition and compare it to us.

Thank You, 
GamingModz.com Staff 

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3.) 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This means we are here to answer all of your questions and provide the best possible customer service after purchasing our product. This is an issue many consumers face today with purchasing products online. We take every question and concern seriously, and we will respond in a timely manner.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us:Support@GamingModz.com!   

What the difference between Trigger, Stealth, Adjustable and Standard Advertised Controllers?

There are many products being advertised for sale to attract the consumer and provide a wide selection of options. However, here at GamingModz.com we decided to go the simple route and combine all of the options together into one controller eliminating confusion and troubles.

Is my controller detectable or us there a possibility I can get banned, if the Xbox system recognizes it?

Our controllers are UNDETECTABLE.

What Guarantee’s do you offer on the controllers?

GamingModz.com guarantees the highest quality xbox 360 modded controllers on the web, along with the lowest prices. If you aren't the least bit satisfied you can return your controller with our 7 day money back guarantee.



Satisfaction Guaranteed!